We have continued to firmly enhance

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We have continued to firmly enhance

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BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) -- The past five years since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) have seen an extraordinary development of the CPC and the country nike air max 2019 sale uk , President Xi Jinping said at a high-level workshop in preparation for the 19th CPC National Congress.

Xi, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks at the workshop attended by provincial and ministerial officials on Wednesday and Thursday.

During the past five years, the CPC Central Committee grasped the general development trend of China and the world, followed the requirement of practice and people's wishes nike air max 2019 online uk , and made a series of major strategic moves, he said. It introduced a series of important policies and advanced a series of significant work, Xi said.

He said that many difficult problems that remained unsolved for a long time have been solved, and many long-awaited tasks have been completed.

Xi said the leadership of the CPC has been strengthened, which has greatly enhanced its cohesion nike air max 2019 trainers uk , combat ability, leading ability and charisma.

"We firmly implemented the new concept of development, and greatly boosted the development of our country towards the direction of better quality, more efficiency, increased fairness and growing sustainability nike air max 2019 china uk ," he said. "We firmly and comprehensively deepened reforms, and opened a new phase of comprehensive efforts, multiple breakthroughs and progress in depth."

We have continued to firmly enhance the rule of law, tremendously improving the Party's capability to lead and govern the country by law, he said.

We have consolidated solidarity and unity of thoughts within the Party and through the whole of society by enhancing the Party's rule over ideological work nike air max 2019 mens uk , he said.

"We firmly advanced the building of an ecological civilization and took a great step forward in the construction of a beautiful China.

"We kept pushing forward the modernization of our national defense and the military, achieving historical breakthroughs in the reforms of the national defense and the military.

"We unswervingly carried forward a big country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics, which has helped create a peaceful international environment and sound neighbor environment for the country's development.

"We firmly strengthened Party discipline comprehensively, and solved major problems that the public voiced the strongest concerns about and the problems that posed the biggest threat to the Party's ruling foundation."

He said that the fight against corruption has gained crushing momentum.

"The political life within the CPC has witnessed changes, the ideals and beliefs within the entire Party have become firmer nike air max 2019 womens uk , and the Party spirit has become stronger," Xi said, adding that the CPC had greatly enhanced its ability to purify, reinvent and improve itself.

The Party has solidified its ruling foundation and public support, which provides a strong political guarantee for the development of the various undertakings of the CPC and the country nike air max 2019 shoes uk , Xi said.

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