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Health Retreat Chiang Mai Your Next Vacation Could Be Entirely Different
Posted by Bansabairesorts on April 4th Cheap Antonio Donnarumma Jersey , 2017

When your job or your life in general stresses you out, you know you need a relaxing and rejuvenating break in a ‘magical’ place that lets you get away from it all. If this is the case then you need a health retreat in Chiang Mai. There, you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation amidst beautiful natural surroundings while being pampered or enjoying activities that can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Some of the best venues for health retreats in Chiang Mai are boutique spa resorts set in peaceful surroundings Cheap Andrea Poli Jersey , but within a short drive from the bustling heart of the city.

Choose an established and renowned spa health retreat in Chiang Mai, where you can feel a relaxing and tranquil environment, from the moment you arrive. Spa resorts are the perfect holiday accommodation to enjoy solitude or spend an intimate vacation with a loved one while enjoying a range of relaxing and rejuvenating activities, like yoga, spa treatments Cheap Andrea Conti Jersey , and detoxification programs. The resorts are well-appointed with facilities like a swimming pool and gym.

Your health retreat in Chiang Mai will not be complete without spa treatments that should leave you revitalized and recharged. Spa services include therapeutic treatments and relaxing programs to calm you down and improve your mood. Some of the best spa resorts in Chiang Mai offer yoga, rejuvenation, and detoxification programs, which you can book inclusive of your accommodation package.

The best health retreats in Chiang Mai offer comfortable suites, villas Cheap Andrea Bertolacci Jersey , and rooms that are fully furnished to the highest standards, with views of relaxing and luscious gardens and pools. Food is another reason to book a health retreat where it will be served in a fine setting in your room, villa, or the resort dining room. Reputable health retreats offer an extensive menu of international and Thai dishes that are sure to delight and excite you, while keeping you healthy at the same time. Some will also offer Thai cooking classes so that you will take home recipes for some of the wonderful food you will enjoy at the resort.


Ban Sabai Boutique Resort & Spa offer luxurious spa & health retreats in Thailand. We have a friendly boutique spa resort in Chiang Mai that can help you to relax and celebrate well-being. At Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa Cheap Andre Silva Jersey , Chiang Mai we offer a full range of spa treatments and affordable luxurious accommodation amongst the foothills of the Himalayas. During your stay, you can enjoy an extensive collection of pampering spa programs, detoxes and yoga sessions. Our friendly boutique spa resorts are dedicated to making you feel at home during your stay with us.

Health Benefits Of Amethyst Bio-Mat

Posted by jessica121614 on October 12th, 2015

Heat therapy has been in use since the time medical industry didn’t even flourish. Heat works as a pain reduction treatment. If you don’t know how heat alleviates pain, this article will introduce to some therapeutic effects heat has on the body. Heat application on the skin causes more blood to flow on the affected area. With effects of increased blood flow Cheap Alessio Romagnoli Jersey , tissues start regenerating and stiff muscles begin reliving. This is how heat reduces pain. Many physical therapists, sports trainers, chiropractors and health practitioners recommend heat therapy to relieve joint pain and sports injury. With heat therapy being the best ever technique for rejuvenation, relaxation and pain reduction, today’s market has flooded with various types of heating devices such as sauna Cheap Alessandro Plizzari Jersey , electric heaters, infrared heating pads, bio-mat and more. Out of all these devices, amethyst bio-mat is a great invention that combines good features of both sauna and infrared technology. It’s a fairly recent addition to the age-old heat therapy.

It’s designed in a way that it produces far infrared radiations and negative ions that penetrate deep into the body. The wave penetration increases the body’s temperature, resulting in sweating and toxin removal. When the body is detoxified Cheap Alessandro Guarnone Jersey , user feels relaxed and rejuvenated. This is just one benefit of using amethyst bio-mat. You’ll certainly be amazed seeing other health benefits of amethyst bio-mat. These include chronic pain, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and stress. It provides a drug-free solution to the above mentioned medical conditions. Now that you are well aware of proven benefits of bio-mats, you can buy them for your spa Cheap AC Milan Hats , health care center or personal use.

Unlike traditional sauna pads, amethyst bio-mats feature multiple temperature settings. It can be used in place of an infrared sauna when the temperature is set on high. The high temperature is required for sweating and toxin removal from the body. While using it at a high temperature; put a couple of towels on the top of the mat and wrap yourself up with a blanket to avoid skin burns.

There are various online stores that offer amethyst bio-mat for sale. So, you can buy them sitting in the comfort of your office or home. Just browse through the internet to find a reputed dealer, choose from the available products and place an order. It is that easy.

Author’s bio- author of this article is a regular writer and blogger on such sites. Here the author has explained about the use and health benefits of amethyst bio-mat. For more information visit:

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