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This time,NBA Jerseys Store, fans in the parking lots were more concerned with keeping their beverages cold than how they could keep them warm. Stories abound from 1967 from people who ordered coffee or tea and saw it freeze before they could drink it.
In fact,Air Max Zero Be True, as kickoff approached for the Cowboys-Packers playoff game Sunday, it was a "balmy" 21 degrees at Lambeau Field, with no wind. That was only 13 degrees colder than temperatures in Arlington, Texas,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, home of the Cowboys,China NFL Jerseys, at the same time.
Dallas is making its first postseason appearance in Green Bay since Dec. 31, 1967,Cheap NFL Jerseys, when the Packers edged the Cowboys 21-17 for the NFL championship and a trip to the second Super Bowl against AFL champion Oakland. It was minus 13 at kickoff for that iconic game,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, with wind chills that reached minus 41 during the afternoon.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — No Ice Bowl this time.
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